Abbi Reasor

The Background

Abbi is a Pittsburg State University business major graduate. During her time at the university, she was a cheerleader for the Gorillas. Competing against teams from all over the United States, it didn't take long for her to realize fitness and drive were key to being successful in this sport.

The Initial Idea

She kept talking to different people about different exercises. It became apparent that most people lack an understanding of the basics to a workout. Whether it be from overlooking a movement, incorrect form and technique, or not even knowing what benefit is coming from doing a certain exercise.

The Goal

Taking this knowledge into account, she began collaborating with bodybuilders and personal trainers on ways to share the knowledge. The ultimate goal of SHAPE is to create a place that people of all fitness levels can come to and walk away with this knowledge and know how to have a successful workout to not only better their bodies, but their mind, and every day life.

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